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Washing Machine

We Provide LG Washing Machine Repair at Your Door Step repair and maintenance service center in Hyderabad provide dedicated services for LG home appliance.


Our technicians are well trained and has years of experience repairing and maintaining LG Refrigerator Service.if You Want Company 7997555536

LG Authorised Air Conditioner Service Center in Secunderabad

Air Conditioner

LG AC having a defective problem, our qualified technicians can find and address the problems.Our service center technicians be ready to give the best service at any time.

We Provide LG Microwave Oven Repair at Your Door Step repair and maintenance service center in Hyderabad provide dedicated services for LG Customers.

Hyderabad Repairs. We are here to provide service & Repairing for all types of Tv’s Like LCD,LED TV.So Get in touch with us.

It is the best place for repair and replacement of wide range of LG Air Conditioner products in the open market with a lot of perfection.

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LG Service Center is a 24 hours Customer Service to provide the Quick and fast can call the company for any service queries.

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We have expert technicians to provide the best can reach us at any time. we provide 24/7 service support.

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We provide All Type Of Repair and Services at Customer Door prefer to Book Your Complaint Now.

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"Good Ac Service. Ac compressor repaired today,Good technicians they provide quick service."
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"They Provide 24/7 Service to everyone with the expert technicians and at low cost ."
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"Good lG Service.they provide quick and fast service.they will help you at any time you just give a call."
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LG Service Center In Hyderabad

Our LG service  is one of the most well-known names in the home appliance industry. Moreover, we repair at your door step repair and maintenance service center in Hyderabad almost provide dedicated services for LG home appliances. LG Service Center In Hyderabad Any type Of Service with Doorstep Service well Trained Company In Total Hyderabad & We Are Holding this Service Since 2005.

Likewise, we Are Specialized in Repair All Type Of Washing Machine Refrigerator Air conditioners and Microwave Ovens at Your Doorstep all over Hyderabad. Therefore, we have a specialized team for repair and service for all major brand home. LG is one the most well-known name in the home appliance industry. However, LG home appliance is around for a long time and proved itself to Indian customers that they can rely on them. LG Washing Machine Service in Hyderabad.  Meanwhile, we Repair at Your Door Step repair and maintenance service center in Hyderabad provide dedicated services for LG home appliance.

However, our technicians are experienced and has specialized skills for repair and maintenance for LG home appliance. We provide 365 days’ repair and maintenance services in Hyderabad city. Therefore, LG Service Center in Hyderabad provides all types of home appliances like washing machine refrigerator microwave oven and air conditioner repair works at your home. LG Service Center In Hyderabad We will provide reasonable services for middle class people once book your service out expert technician will come to your home within 2hours only and the issue can be solved within few minutes of time. Don’t worry about your out of warranty home appliances get repaired. Moreover, we are here to provide all types of services in presence of you only. Our technicians are fully trained and they will give responsible service at your door.

We are offering the best service place in Hyderabad. Basically, we use these products in our daily life to full fill different types of needs. The products are refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovens, and air conditioners. The user will have the most important work in daily life with these products. The variety of products will give the various functions. Refrigerators are available in three types they are single door, double door, and side-by-side door refrigerator. LG Service Center In Hyderabad The refrigerator’s duty is to protect the food items fresh for a long time. And washing machines are available in four types they are top loam front load, semi-automatic, and fully automatic. The clothes washer will give the best washing to the fabrics. What’s more, microwaves are the lone item which is utilized to prepare the food things this is an electrical gadget these models are coming with different types of functions. The washing machine will provide the best washing to the cloths. And microwave ovens which are the only product which is used to cook the food items this is an electrical device. This is available in three types they are solo, grill, and convection microwave ovens. This is the best product for cooking this generation. And air conditioners are one of the most useful products in every home. These are most energy effective item. So our specialist can give the best services to all these home appliances. We have technicians who are capable of 10 years.

LG Microwave Oven Service Center in Hyderabad | call: 18008893549, 18008893544 LG Microwave Oven Repair Center in Hyderabad LG Microwave Oven Service Center LG Microwave Oven Repair Center LG Microwave Oven Service in Hyderabad LG Microwave Oven Repair in Hyderabad LG Microwave Oven Customer Care LG Air Conditioner Service Center in Hyderabad | call: 18008893549, 18008893544 LG Air Conditioner Repair Center in Hyderabad LG Air Conditioner Service Center LG Air Conditioner Repair Center LG Air Conditioner Service in Hyderabad LG Air Conditioner Repair in Hyderabad LG Air Conditioner Customer Care LG Washing Machine Service Center in Hyderabad LG Washing Machine Repair Center in Hyderabad LG Service Center In Hyderabad LG Washing Machine Service Center LG Washing Machine Repair Center LG Washing Machine Service in Hyderabad LG Washing Machine Repair in Hyderabad LG  Washing Machine Customer Care LG Refrigerator Service Center in Hyderabad | call: 18008893549, 18008893544 LG Refrigerator Repair Center in Hyderabad LG Refrigerator Service Center LG Refrigerator Repair Center LG Refrigerator Service in Hyderabad LG Refrigerator Repair in Hyderabad LG  Refrigerator Customer Care

Washing machine

Washing machines are needed for this day modern human life, they’re not beautiful devices but they’re very useful for our daily lifestyle. It’s just a mix of various parts of technology. They’re not immune to the common problems which could cause during the working of the washer, you’d possibly solve the minor problems before they’re getting major without late we’ll allow you to understand the common problems which you face within the washer and also we’ll allow you to know the varied kinds of Washing machines available within the market. LG Service Centre in Hyderabad.

How do all of these components work together? The simplest because of understanding how the components work is to believe the washer process.

Loading the washing machine with clothes and detergent then select your chosen program. Relying on the program you opt on, the washer allows the proper amount of water using the water inlet control valve. Once the machine has the proper amount of water, the valve switches off. 

 Front Load washer

The washing cycle is complete and thus the garments are ably removed. This the working cycle of the washer s every washer will work with this principle and If any small damage or Problem occurs to the cycle the Washing machine working is going to be objected and it’ll not work consistent with our expectations.

If we face these Problems we should always consult an experienced technician to resolve the mentioned issues and make it effectively working this may make us increase the productivity of the washer, if there any Problems as mentioned please be happy to contact our service center and that we provide all repair across.


LG Refrigerator is that the best household appliance for cooling things. And to stay the delicious food items clean and fresh. The simplest thing in the refrigerator is it keeps the bacteria far away from the food. In order that the food doesn’t spoil easily. Thanks to the advancement of technology there are different types of washing machines like single door, door, side by side. LG Service Centre in Hyderabad In refrigerator But in these, all kinds of issues are going to be rectified by during all one amongst one in every of one among the simplest service who has well experts team and well qualified by professionals and only well-experienced professionals only are going to be recruited during this service center which is so during this branch all the workers are well talented with well knowledge persons because they need the problems and fix it in a few hours of your time only.

Microwave oven 

These microwaves use electric energy to convert energy into heat, which then wants to cook food. Solo microwaves are the foremost cost-effective of the three microwaves listed during this post. These ovens are often seen almost anywhere as well as office break rooms, small rooms, and restaurant kitchens. Uses: As we consider, the foremost common uses are for reheating yesterday’s dinner. Heating up coffee or tea, and melting meat. Also, solo microwaves are often used to cook minute rice or pasta and defrost get tonight dinner.

Air conditioner

The air conditioners are one of the simplest products of this generation. The AC is mostly used in the summer seasons. These AC will provide cooling to the living area. And therefore the main duty of the air conditioners is to supply cool air to the users. And this air conditioning is one of the most valuable products in every home. LG Service Centre in Hyderabad So, here are any quiet issues are you facing, to unravel the issues, AC repairing center in Hyderabad for all models and makes.

Repair and resolve replacements, replacing of the Capacitor of all models, Repair and replacements of spare parts of AC. With the simplest quality spare parts from the market, we offer doorstep service, 24/7 customer service also provided so these the subsequent services that we offer you in Terms of repairing an AC.

Why choose us?

We Provide Repair and repair at the doorstep at an affordable price

Our Home Appliances service center is open three hundred and sixty-five days a year and 24/7.

We give 1000+ satisfied customers everywhere in the town.

We have quite ten years of experience in this field.

Our service

We will provide you the simplest door-to-door services; we are here to unravel the entire main and therefore the minor problems with televisions. Take as great pride in each and each trip. Our professional technicians are well experienced and trained in order that they will solve all the problems of all home appliances within an equivalent day with no further complications. If there are any issues with all home appliances spare parts then our technicians will inform you immediately and that we will charge separately, we’ll give 90 days of warranty for the spare parts.

We are giving the only best appliances administration focus in our service center. We’ll offer the simplest sorts of assistance for your appliance repair service. LG Service Centre in Hyderabad  We repair all kinds of home appliances at doorstep service. Service available door to door service. Our service center focus is merely 100% customer satisfaction should tend to the customer for the appliances repair at our service center.

Washing Machine:

The physical task of hand washing eliminates with the invention of washing machine in this generation. It helps us to give proper care to any of our clothes. The clothes of washing machines will be very soft and also the clean. In these days, the washing machines are coming with dry options for our convenience. Washing machines can wash the clothes very fast by removing all the dirt and stains from all our soaked clothes. It can know how much water it has to take to wash the clothes. In this range, the technology is rapidly increasing without knowing us. The range of growth in the technology is in such a way that it had leads to the invention of a machine that itself can wash the clothes without any help of the humans. That too without the guidance of any human and that machine is called a Washing Machine. It washes the clothes very fast by removing the dirt and strain from the clothes quickly.  Washing the clothes is not a big task like it used to be before the invention of washing machine. It doesn’t need any regular maintenance from us to operate it. There are many reason that may cause your washer not to start. So, start by checking the main power switch for any loose wire connection or if the power socket is not working.  If this does not work then you need to check the door lock whether it is working or not.

Types of washing machine:

Top load washing machine

Front load washing machine

Semi automatic washing machine


Refrigerators are used in household, offices and in some other commercial places also. Domestic refrigerators are used in wide range and it is also available in huge range and demand in the market. Refrigerator allows people to buy food in bulk and eat in leisure time they want. Now, refrigerators are available in large size with slide shelves in the refrigerator. The glass door refrigerators attract more customers which results in more profit to the business holder of food items. Cold temperature helps all the food items to stay fresh longer. We can consider the refrigerator has necessary home appliance for us. Refrigerators are available in different designs with increasing use in these days. Refrigerator maintains the vitamins in the food even after storing it for a long time we need. We can find refrigerator in every place like bakeries, restaurants, and other places. It cools the water and makes ice cubes in the freezer box.  Further, vegetables, fruits, cakes, pastries, milk, chicken, fish can also be preserve in the refrigerator. Due to lack of time for cooking all are preserving the food in the refrigerator appliance. Further, it is used in bakeries, restaurants, and other places for advertising their food stuff from the refrigerator.

Types of Refrigerator:

Single Door Refrigerator

Double Door Refrigerator

Side by Side Refrigerator

Microwave Oven:

Microwave oven names look royal for us. The royalty came due to its efficient working of cooking food. Microwave oven is designed with latest technology to do the cooking work easy. It works through magnetic radiations only. Oven is the best home appliance that we are using in all our daily life’s. The food cooked in the oven will spread heat to all the food completely. It can also be used for reheating the food items cooked before only. Frozen food and butter can be defrost in the oven quickly within the minutes. 

Oven offers us to cook variety and also the tasty of food items in just few minutes. It makes us for good chef in cooking different types of food items. In this polluted and infected world, as all are preferring to eat homemade food oven is useful. So, oven helps us to cook all the outside food at home in the easy way only. The microwave oven may be face some trouble to start this may be due to malfunctioning door switch. If the oven is not starting then you have to test the electric device in the outlet. There may be a fault in the thermal fuse or circuit board. Try shut down your microwave and then restart the oven. The touchpad helps us to control the program to cook variety of food with touch button. If there is any issue with the appliance then it became difficult to operate the oven. The trouble in touchpad results in fault in the control board or switch board.

Types of microwave oven

Solo microwave oven

Grill microwave oven

Convention microwave oven

Air Conditioner:

Air conditioner has become the most common factor in every household. Air conditioner is used to control the temperature, humidity control and it distributes the air to the entire environment of the room it is installed. Air conditioner is designed in such a way that it filters the air and gives us pollution free air which protects the human being from all the diseases we suffers with. Air conditioner is easy to fix or install and also easy to operate with the remote. It is used in all the sectors of all the industries. Air conditioner offers a significant improvement in energy efficiency when compared to current cooling system of the air conditioner.

 Air conditioner offer indoor air quality by offering superior air purification and humidity control and ventilation of the room. Air conditioners filters and also circulate air by removing mold and pollutants from the air. Air conditioner is important for the individual who suffer from asthma problem and allergies also. Air conditioner reduces the irritants that stimulate an attack for the human. In workplace it reduces the efficiency of work and helps to complete the given task within the same given time. It will not create any sound pollution in our home.

Types of air conditioner:

Split air conditioner

Window air conditioner

Wall mount air conditioner


To troubleshoot any kind of issue with your machine simply contact us. To register the complaint you can also call to our customer care executive. The executive take details like name, address and landmark.

This details forwards to the particular technician as we offer door step service to you. Moreover, we give you a warranty of 1 month on general service and 3 months on spare parts. The issue rectified by our technician will not create any problem in future.

LG Microwave Oven Repair Service Center in Hyderabad

The microwave ovens are one of the most useful products for cooking. This product is run with electricity so this is also known as electronic oven. The microwave ovens are coming in box shape which increases the temperature inside to hear the food item. This product greatly reduces the time of cooking by providing the quick cooking. These microwave ovens are generally producing the radiation at frequency of 2,250 megahertz. This helps to cook the food deliciously. These microwave ovens are cook different types of food items. Therefore, it has some functions like reheating, defrosting, cooking, grilling. So these microwave ovens are the most important home appliance for cooking. The microwave ovens are available in three models they are

Solo microwave ovens

The solo microwave ovens are the basic model which is used by for uniform heating, cooking, reheating and also defrosting. However, we cannot bake or grill the food in this microwave oven.  And it is known as entry model of the microwave oven. Moreover, this is mainly suitable for bachelors or a family with 2 members.  It is cheaper model comparing to grill and convection. It has the only one magnetron which produces the microwaves. These solo microwave ovens are doesn’t have any temperature control options. The waves inside the solo microwave ovens are produces water molecules to vibrate and cause friction.

Grill microwave oven

The grill microwave ovens are simply use for grilling purposes. There is a grill motor which is placed in a special location to get the grill effect to food items and mostly to the chicken. This is suitable for grilling both meat and vegetables like paneer. Both microwaves and grilling functions run parallel this result delicious grill in a minute. The grill microwaves are also having the heating coils. This helps in grill, toast and roast. The temperature is cannot be controlled in this grill microwave oven. there are metal utensils which we can’t use in these grill microwave ovens. This product requires monitoring the cooking process manually.

Convection microwave oven

The convection microwave ovens are having the all functions of solo and grill. It is the most advanced product with many automatic functions. The user doesn’t require any manual settings to cook. This microwave oven can cook all varieties of food items. This can handle the functions like cooking, reheating, defrosting and grilling. This machine having some temperature options so we can set the according temperature to the food item.  This product will consume very less electricity by providing the best delicious food items. And this is high in price comparing to solo and grill microwave oven. This product also having the option of turn plate this rotate the food item inside the oven.

LG Air Conditioner Service Center in Hyderabad

The air conditioners are mostly important in summer season. This is the best product for product for producing the cool air. It cools the room temperature very fast and according temperature of the user. These air conditioners will consume very less electricity and gives the long-time cooling . The usages of the air conditioners are increased in winter seasons also because the modern generation air conditioners they have provided the heater mode by enabling this mode the user can enjoy the hot air in cool weathers. This is one of the best technologies in this modern generation. The air conditioners will take less electricity while running the heater mode.

Split air conditioner

The split air conditioners are one of the finest models in the air conditioners of this generation. These AC’s are mostly using in the homes. This air conditioner will save the electricity consumption by providing the effective service. These air conditioners are very easy to use and much easier to fix because this product didn’t require any duct work in the room so many users prefer to split air conditioners. This product providing the many models and cooling functions this gives the great experience.

These split air conditioners are coming with the most useful technology that is inverter option. This helps to save the electricity by adjusting the speed of the compressor fan and automatic temperature controlling. And this inverter also helps to reduce the flow of gas.  This product has the best capacity of cooling it will provide the quick cooling to the room. It has two parts compressor and air conditioners.

Duct air conditioners

The duct air conditioners are coming with multi-zone air flow system. This product is coming with two separate fans motor this provides the equal air distribution in the room to every corner. Moreover, the duct air conditioners are used in hotels, schools, colleges and restaurants etc. generally the split air conditioners are coming with multi air flow vents but these duct AC’s they don’t have any air flow vents to the unit. So, this product will directly blow the air without any help of vents. This is less in cost comparing to split air conditioners.

This is also having the compressor fan which is fixed outside the room. There is a connection between air conditioners and compressor with a copper pipe this pipe sends the inside heat in the liquid form. This is fixed to the ceiling so however this occupies very less space to fix.

Cassette air conditioners

The cassette air conditioners are the wonderful model of the air conditioners. This is also attached to the wall but the front part of the air conditioner was only visible. This is very unique and stylish model of the AC. it is also known as central air conditioner. his has the big cooling capacity which provides the fast cooling to the users. This runs very quietly; these air conditioners don’t require any high maintenance. This is the user-friendly product. The compressor of this AC is fixed in long away from the inner unit.

LG Washing machine Service Center in Hyderabad

The washing machines are main home appliance for washing the cloths. This will give the tough wash to the fabrics. So, for this the washing machines are the most important in every home. In this modern generation these washing machines are playing special role by saving the time and energy of the users. These washing machines are coming with a drum that helps to remove the hard dirt stains form the cloths. The washing machines are present in different types they are like

Top load washing machines

The top load washing machines are the having the door on the top of the machine. It is the oldest design of the machines. This machine requires a standing position while washing. This washing machine Take very less power consumption because it is not a high-tech washing machine and it don’t require any maintenance. It is the cheapest model in the washing machines. This product will give best wash to the cloths. It has mainly two functions draining and washing with two separate drums. This machine is very heavy which can’t move easily to one place to another. There are two types of bodies are there to these top load washing machines they are plastic and metal.

Front load washing machine

The front load washing machines are the best machines it fills the drum with water accordingly to the laundry weight. This is budgeted range machine with great washing functions. This washing machine has only one drum to the washing and draining. It spins the drum of the machine very fast comparing than top load washing machine and this is also known as continue model of top load. However, this machine having the big capacity of washing and this will give the quick washing to the cloths. This machine runs very smooth and makes very less noise. This is very easy to move from one place to another place.  

Semi-automatic washing machine

Semi-automatic washing machines have some major automatic functions and some best washing modes. The semi-automatic washing machine is also having two drums for washing and draining. It is not a high tech model washing machine so maintaining of this washing machine is very easy. And it is also requiring much human interventions. This machine consumes very less water to wash the cloths and this consumes very less electricity. We can easily move the washing accordingly. The semi-automatic washing machines are one of the best types of this product.

Fully automatic washing machine

The fully automatic washing machines are the most advanced. Moreover, top model of the washing machines are having the complete power to run the machine complete automatically. This don’t require any human involvements this makes the users free of stress. It has many advanced features of washing and also soakings. This machine looks very stylish. However, it is the most expensive washing machine. This takes very less time and less water while running.

LG Refrigerator Service Center in Hyderabad

The LG is the most trusted brand in the world. This will provide the only qualitative home appliances to the customers. However, they are providing the home appliances. Like refrigerator, washing machine, microwave oven, air conditioners and TV’s. These are the five most important products in every home. Which plays an amazing role in every home. In this modern generation the usage of these advanced products was increased. Because of their work and these home appliances are helps the user to save the time. And It’s helps to stay away from physical work. These products are having their separates types and features for example.


The refrigerators are most important product in every home which plays an important role in every home these are mainly use for protecting the food items. We can store any king of food item in the refrigerator. We can cool the water bottles, cool drinks, ice creams, ice cakes. Moreover, we have much use with refrigerators in summer season because it is very hot weather in that seasons so many users like to eat and drink cool items like ice creams, cakes and cool drinks. These refrigerators are helps to keep the food items fresh for long time. And this product is available in 3 types they.

Single door refrigerator

These single door refrigerators are the oldest model so these are not consisting of many features. It is the best model which is more likely suitable for small families because it having the very low capacity. This refrigerator is having the capacity of only 150 liters so this provides very small number of items. This is coming with direct cooling technology.

It has very small freezer compartment and the freezer and the fridge is present in the same door so it is called as single door refrigerator. And because of its lower capacity this consumes very less electricity. It has two storing shelves which is removable and washable. And this single door refrigerator requires less space to place it. The usages of the refrigerators are very high at present generation also because these single door refrigerators are coming in upgraded version. And this product is cheap at cost.

Double door refrigerator

To clarify, the double door refrigerators are the one of the best products to use. In other words, it is very easy to operate. Similarly, it has mainly two up and down doors which provide the facility of separating freezing items and vegetables in separate compartments. Moreover, they have provided the two separate doors for freezer and fridge. So, it is having the good capacity of maximum 250 liters. This refrigerator has the technology of frost free so this consumes 30% to 40% more electricity. And it automatically controls the cooling flow when the product reached its required temperature. This has big storing shelves so we can store the large amount of food items. Moreover, this refrigerator will produce even temperature inside the storing compartment it results the better storing experience.

Side by side door refrigerator

likewise, these side-by-side door refrigerators are very smart model in the refrigerators. This refrigerator consists of huge capacity of 600 liters. So this refrigerator we can store huge amount of food items. Therefore, this product providing the big freezer compartment like one side of the complete door is use as freezer compartment. And they have also provided the freezer converting technology with this we can convert freezer into fridge. It has so many cooling modes and automatic functions.

LG Tv Service Center in Hyderabad

TV is the best product in every home because it is the home appliance which provides the entertainment to the users. Generally, people watch the movies, sports, TV shows and news etc. we are enjoying the service of the TV since many years. We have many favorite cartoons shows and movies etc. 

Now the TV’s are available in advanced features. There is a good value to the TV at present generation, now the modern TV’s are coming in different forms like LED, LCD, plasma and the recent model OLED, these are the best models on the TV’s. This LED TV’s occupies very less space because these are fixed to the walls. And there are some resolutions in this TV’s they are HD, full HD, UHD and 4K. Watching any movie in these resolutions will get the better satisfaction. And the prices of the TV’s are depending on its size and resolution. The TV’s are available in few types they are. Therefore, 


The LED is one of the most using models in the TV’s this is the slimmest model which looks stylish and cool. In this LED TV’s are providing the resolutions of HD and full HD. The full HD covers the full front panel with the display. The LED displace display is known as light emitting diodes. For some models these light emitting diodes are placed back of the TV panels and for some models they place at the edges of the TV’s.  

This helps to produce the realistic and shaper colors to the picture. These are capable of dimming the black lightening on LED; this will provide the true black to the picture in the display this will decreases the extra light which passes from the panel. But there is a defect in the LED TV’s id the sound compartment is not so good so it requires a separate sound system. In this LED TV’s we can see three types they are edge lit LED this is fixed around the edges and dynamic RGB LED this is placed behind the panel and the last one is array LED which is also placed on behind the panel same as RGB LED. This is the best TV to use in every home.

Plasma TV

The plasma TV is having the very flat displays and plasma only manufactures the large display TV’s. The maximum size of the TV is from plasma model. The main thing in plasma TV’s are they providing the perfect color to the fast-moving pictures. It has best contrast ratio capability this helps to show deeper blacks. And the display of plasma gives best saturation and color accuracy. It also having side to side viewing wide angle feature same as OLED TV’s it is one of the best options in plasma. The plasma production was stopped in 2014 due competition from LED TV’s. Because the LED providing the best features comparing than plasma in low cost. There is a defect with this model, the display will reflect the lights it disturbs the screen of TV.

About service Center:

In conclusion, we provide the best services to the regular home appliance like refrigerator, washing machine, microwave oven, air conditioners and TV. We’ll provide the warranties to our services for example 1-month general service warranty and three months product warranty. We equip only original spare parts to the repairing products. Our most experienced technicians will provide the door-to-door services with low cost. However, we charge very less comparing to other service centers. We are remaining most trusted service providers in our location. We provide the services for only out of warranty products. we give our services to the customers for

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